It’s been a while

It really has been, I know I've been absent for like half a year. Life has been far too busy, been forgetting myself and my Path, but I am trying to get back on track again. In less than a week I am departing the country yet again to go down to Washington State for... Continue Reading →


Second Dawn Burnt Out

The past month or so has been complete and utter chaos all around. My grandparents arrived and stayed over for a few weeks, trying to balance in Pagan Pride, learning, spending time with my husband, keeping the household I reside in on it's feet and mother over my sister. The eclipse happened a few days... Continue Reading →

Let’s get this started…

I decided to try and move and alter my posts from Tumblr to here. I love Tumblr for gathering information, however it's not that user friendly for other things, like organization... So here I am, trying out a new blog, in a new chapter of my life as well! The past month and a half... Continue Reading →

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